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Service Agreements

Fly unit installed at customers property.To comply with health and safety regulations your business must have a system in place to control and prevent rodents and insects. We service many businesses in and around Brighton and Hove from multiple industries including pubs, bars and restaurants, hotels and B&Bs, food processing and preparation, office buildings, warehouses and industrial premises, local government and school premises, retail units and shops.

We offer a choice of either 8, 10 or 12 service visits per year.

We use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach and can help you to comply with any audit requirements and legislative standards and any specific third party associations such as BRC or the Soil Association. We offer tailored solutions and have an in-house qualified Field Biologist, who is highly experienced and qualified to carry inspections in any environment, whose service can be added to your agreement upon request.

After a thorough inspection of your premises our technician will compile an integrated service plan based on the particular requirements of your business. Your named technician will carry out regular visits to check bait stations, identify any signs of pest activity or potential risks and advise on prevention methods. We fully comply with health and safety standards and meet the high expectations that businesses require.

Most contracts are in place to deal with rats and mice, using both rodenticide and non-toxic options, but we can add additional pests as necessary.

We use an innovative new reporting system whereby after every visit a detailed report is written electronically and emailed to you so that you have a lasting record of the treatment that has taken place. This ensures that you have access to all of your reports at any time and eliminates the issue of missing paperwork. Our electronic system has proved to be essential to support our company ethos of becoming as 'paper free' as we possibly can, to support our environmental policy, and still maintain the essential record keeping that we are required to do by law.

As a BPCA member we are regularly audited to make sure that we meet the high standards expected.

All technicians are PROMPT registered and hold a nationally recognised qualification.

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